Privacy Policy

Except for the administrative requirements of the Executive Committee, member information is kept private and not generally made available to other members.

Website Use
The Outer Harbour Centrboard Club (“the Club”) does not collect personally identifiable information about individuals unless they choose to join the Club by providing a completed Membership Application Form, or contact the Club using our web-based contact form.

Users of our website should be aware that non personal information and data may automatically be collected through the standard operation of our website through the use of “cookies”. Information about “Cookies” is usually available in the help section of most browsers. Cookies are only used in the operation of our website.

Spam & OHCC’s Email Mailing List

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) Compliance – For a small club like OHCC email consent and our proper identification is still required to avert heavy fines. We will have a form of valid consent such as your membership with OHCC in the last 24 months or by your signing up to the mailing list above. Our emails have an unsubscribe link as required by Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL), the US CAN-SPAM Act (our newsletter provider is in the US) and international spam law. We clearly identify ourselves as OHCC with our mailing address, email, and web address.

Email Contact Form
Information entered on our contact form is logged and forwarded to the appropriate Club director or volunteer member, and if required, will be used to contact you in response to your message. We track this information, along with your IP Address, in order to ensure service and prevent abuse. This information is periodically deleted from our system. It is never released to any third parties.

Online Payment Form
We store the IP Address of anyone using our online payment form. While we do not process any personal information on our online payment form, those who click on the Pay Now button will be redirected to a merchant bank’s secure website to enter their contact and payment information, and will be governed by a merchant bank’s privacy policy. Once a payment is finalized, we receive your information from our merchant bank through an encrypted process, and will send you an email confirming your purchase and contact information. This information will be used to add you to our Membership list, at which point your information is handled as described under Member Information, below.

We log your email address for the purpose of tracking your purchase. Our agreement with our merchant bank forbids us from using your email address in any way not related to your purchase, unless you have opted-in to our email news-list.

We do not receive, process, or store credit-card account information.

Member Information
The Club publishes a membership directory for the use of its members. A physical copy of the membership directory may be kept in the Clubhouse. An electronic version containing member names and telephone numbers may one day be stored in a password-protected area of our website, which is only available to our members.

Members may opt out of having their address, email, and phone number published in the Membership Directory at the time that they complete the Membership Application.

Members who choose to provide an email on the Membership Application Form are added to the Club’s email distribution list, and will receive periodic email updates on Club news and events. Opt-out instructions are included with every email broadcast sent by the Club.

If you take part in an organized race, your name may be collected in order to tally results. Race results are often shared among clubs, and may be posted on local sailing websites. Aside from the foregoing situations, we do not provide members’ information to any third parties, unless a member has specifically asked to be put in contact with someone by the Club.

Members’ information may be used by the Club to contact members concerning news and events, process membership renewals, manage instructional programs, collect race results, and to track members’ interests, skill levels and experience as relates to volunteering for club functions, work parties or using the Club’s boats.

Online Forum and Membership Directory
The Club may develop an electronic bulletin board inside this site, also known as a forum, perhaps as a crew bank and other reasons. In order to access the forum, you will need to create a unique user id, which is associated to the email address you provide to the Club, and is traceable to you. Whenever you use the forum, your userid and IP Address are recorded, and may be tracked by the forum software. This information would only be used to deal with abusive or fraudulent activity on the forum.

The forum may include an online membership directory. Directory access is also tracked by user id and IP Address. This information would only be used in response to a member complaint, or if an unusual or unreasonable level of activity in the directory was suspected.

Photos & Video
In keeping with its recreational nature, the Club tries to be a fun place, and our members sometimes photograph and record Club activities and goings-on. In the context of user-generated content on the web, verbal permission should be made to post personal media of you. See: Individual Rights – Waivers. Club members post social media, both for the enjoyment of our members, and as a way to highlight our community to others. OHCC members and volunteers may attach captions to media that may includes names and links.

Members who are sensitive to having their names, photos or video posted on the web should notify the photographer/videographer if they were not first asked, and monitor our photos in the website and in social media. Anyone who wishes to have a photo of his/herself removed must contact the photographer or the OHCC Webmaster. In almost all cases the media creators must remove their material if requested by another member who is the media subject.

Privacy Officer
The Club Privacy Officer role is managed by the Club executive. Please contact the Contact Us page.

The Club will provide member information to the police and/or government authorities if required to do so in connection with an investigation or official inquiry. The Club reserves the right to change this policy at any time by updating this privacy statement. This statement outlined herein is not intended to and does not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

Community and Social Media Guidelines

OHCC is committed to building and strengthening relationships based on ongoing dialogue and mutual respect. Please engage in conversations, celebrate your moments at OHCC, help others, and give constructive criticism in web comments and in social media. Please also be legal, respectful, relevant, and aware.

Be legal. You should not post comments or media that are libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive or contain otherwise illegal content. See the terms for using this website and in each social media network such as: Facebook data use policyGoogle terms of serviceYouTube community guidelinesTwitter rulesPinterest terms of serviceInstagram terms of serviceFlickr community guidelinesFoursquare terms of use.

Be respectful. You should not make others feel unsafe or unwelcome. You should not threaten, written or otherwise, other authors, a OHCC member, or anyone. Got a problem? Please contact the most relevant individual first before posting. It goes without saying that one should never resort to bullying, humiliation or threats.

Be relevant. Your comments should be on-topic and not self-promoting (unless the topic is about what all members do). Never share sensitive personal information.

Be aware. OHCC is not responsible for the content posted in social media or in comments on this website. This website and social media accounts are not monitored 24/7. Posts may be moderated by admins, moderators, Club Executives or by the social network company. Decisions should be considered final.

All content is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and is made available to your on an “as-is” basis. Because the nature of social media is based on user-generated content, OHCC makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the content and/or warranties or endorsements in connection with this website, other websites access through hyperlinks, and / or the Internet in General.

Contact Us
Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Accessibility Standards

In the development of the OHCC website we have tried to follow accessibility standards in order to make the site usable to the broadest possible audience. We want the site to be usable by people using assistive technologies, such as screen readers, mobile devices, and to those people using older browsers, computers and slow connection speeds.

In line with Ontario’s Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), we have constructed our pages to “transform gracefully”, in other words, we have:

  • separated structure from presentation. We use Cascading Style Sheets to control much of the presentation.

  • all content is provided as text; when images, audio or video files are used, they are given equivalent alternatives.

  • created documents that do not rely on one type of hardware. Users can access the site with a variety of browser technologies, mobile devices, screen resolutions and settings, with or without mice, etc.

We have also tried to ensure that the content is understandable and navigable. We have provided a standardized site menu that indicates where you are within the site structure and have used text for links and not images.