The Outer Harbour Centreboard Club is a not-for-profit organization administered by volunteer, elected officers. Any member in good standing may stand for an elected office and participate in administration of the club and in helping to formulate club policies, govern its programs and events and help make it more effective and enjoyable for all. You may email an executive member from the Contact Us page.

The COMMODORE is the CEO of the Club. This wise leader chairs Executive and General Meetings, guides policy and negotiates with government representatives and public officials for the benefit of the Club. This is the person who has an overall knowledge and may have the answer you’re looking for – if you can get the ear of this very busy person.

The VICE COMMODORE is usually a person with much sailing and other experience. As second in command, the Vice often substitutes for the Commodore and also attends all meetings of the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation OHSF.

The REAR COMMODORE is in charge of the Club’s schedule, including racing and other related events.

The SECRETARY maintains the Club’s by-laws, resolutions and regulations, keeps minutes of the Executive and General meetings and generally assists the other officers.

The MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR processes applications for membership, exacts payment of dues and allots boat storage areas and lockers.

The TREASURER banks the money received, keeps accounting records; together with the Commodore or one other authorized signing officer, issues cheques to pay the bills; prepares the annual Club budget and the annual Club financial statement.

The PROPERTY (GROUNDS) OFFICER is responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the Club grounds, buildings and other structures and equipment.

The PROPERTY (MARINE) OFFICER is responsible for the outfitting and maintenance of the Committee Boat and the Patrol Boat and related equipment, including marine railways, electric winches, batteries and charges, fuel tanks and fuel, as well as other equipment.

The YARDMASTER tends to the orderly layout of the grounds and boats and ensures that:

  • members maintain their boats, dollies, trailers and assigned lots

  • all boats and trailers are properly stored

  • boats stored on our property are properly labelled and that storage fees are paid

The VOLUNTEER DIRECTOR manages volunteers.