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Sailing in downtown Toronto for dinghy owners
Welcome to our sailing community on Toronto’s Outer Harbour. OHCC is a safe place to experience sailing and reconnect with our waterfront. Learn more about our Club and consider becoming a member. Scroll down for news & events. Find photos, and volunteering info in the menu. Chat in Facebook or check the weather.

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2016 OHCC Albacore regatta

Attention albacore members – the event you’ve been waiting for is rapidly approaching! July 9 is the OHCC Albacore regatta. Mark your calendars and get your tunas ready.

To the rest of our OHCC members, you’re welcome to join for the post regatta dinner and special entertainment. A ticket is $25 – if you plan to join, drop Stephanie an email.

ohcc albacore regatta 2


July 2016 Flotilla Newsletter

News and views from the Outer Harbour Centreboard Club.

Commodore’s Corner
From the Yardmaster
Junior Sailing
Note to Members About Volunteer Work Programs
Understanding Electric Shock Drowning
Bonita’s Gibraltar Mission

The July 2016 Flotilla is available as a PDF.

Peter Benison, Jurgen Braunholer, Peter Suchanek, Kellie Crete, Alan Hall, Whitney Peterson, Charles Wakefield, and Jennifer Zelmer

Thanks also to Ontario Sailing for permission to reprint the article on electroshock drowning.

Contributions for the next issue are very welcome. The deadline is September 15, 2016 . Please send articles and photos to ohccflotilla@gmail.com.

Peter Suchanek
416 458-9199 (business)
Alan Hall
Vice Commodore
416 571-9105 (business)
Darren Monster
Rear Commodore
647 829-7339 (mobile)
Peter Benison
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David & Katy Molyneux
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Ronald Duffy
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Frank Moens
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Charles Wakefield
Property (Grounds)
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Peter Hale
Property (Marine)
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Chris Hutny
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Jennifer Zelmer
416 489-1905

Saturday, June 18, 2016 Sailing Shed Assembly Crews Needed!

4 TEAMS needed  – TWO PERSONS per Team for assembling four JUNIOR SAILING SHEDS (4′ x 8′) down by the shoreline border of the OHCC and Toronto Multihull Cruising Club.

On Saturday June 18 at 9:00 AM, we need brains and brawn to erect 4 (4×8) pre-fab sheds for Junior Sailing. There will be an assembly diagram and instructions to follow, using power tools, as well as a little lumber to tote. Please bring your own tools if you have them.

The RAIN DAY will be Sunday June 19 (maybe just a couple of ours if we don’t have it all done on Saturday and positioned).

This is a 3-5 hour job but earns 8 hours of volunteer credit!

Tuesday Night Feasts…

Are back!

For our members’ convenience, below is a reprint of a helpful article from Angus Ross (the former money collecter/hassler). Also new this year – each evening someone gets to volunteer to take out the garbage (this task may prove to be more popular than bringing the meat!).


Guidelines for OHCC Tuesday Night Feasts

THE current price for the Tuesday night dinner is $5 — as it has been for a number of years. Last season, the club had to pick up a significant shortfall over the period. For 2009, if we do not stay within certain price limits, the cost for the dinner will have to increase to $7 per person — with all the change-handling problems that it involves. The following guidelines are intended to help us keep the best Tuesday-night feast in Toronto at $5 per person.

  1. During the first four weeks of the season, you should count on there being about thirty to forty people for dinner. After that, you should count on about fifty. Look at how many there were at the previous week (we’ll show the number on the board) and use that as a guideline. Check the weather forecast, work on the lower end of estimated numbers; if good weather, use a higher range.
  2. Try to bring food that can be frozen and used in following weeks if numbers don’t pan out. (This works for meat/bread/some desserts.)
  3. Before buying for a Tuesday night, check to see what can be used from the fridge/freezer. This is especially true for butter, salad dressing, dessert/ice cream.
  4. While we all love fancy and exotic foods, the following is an indication of prices that will help us to stay within bounds.

Green salad: 40c per person

Other salad: 50c per person

Bread: 40c per person

Meat: $2.50 per person

Wine: $1.00 per person

Dessert: 60c per person

Total: $5.40 per person (this gives some allowance for lower numbers in the early season)

Here are some comments and suggestions:

You should hold off on the exotic spices and ready-prepared meats if the per person price goes well over the suggested budget.

Wine: look at some of the Argentina/Chile/Italian wines as being of good value. Malbec in particular is both tasty and inexpensive. Check the 1.5 litre bottles as they can be very good value. We normally get the equivalent of three 750ml reds and two 750 ml whites, with and ex­tra red if the summer numbers seem to be going high. See the list below of suggested wines.

Carry a lot of $5 bills and sign up to bring one of the meal items.

Angus Ross