Commodore’s Comments

By Ralph Drake

I hope everyone had a fruitful winter and that you are looking forward to starting a new sailing season. The target date for docks-in is April 11th Saturday April 25th at 9am, and docks-out will occur on October 17th. The extreme cold winter has caused a lot of ice to form on the Outer Harbour this year, but we remain optimistic that the winter will not delay getting the docks in the water and starting our events.

The OHCC facility improvement program continued throughout the off-season. All washroom fixtures and faucets have been replaced with ultra-low water consumption fittings. We have also installed an independent water supply and added a large sanitary waste holding tank c/w high level alarm. Our washrooms should be cleaner and more reliable with these modifications.

The new online registration system has been a great success. The OHCC Executive on-line registration sub-committee worked diligently throughout the fall/winter together with Jeggysoft Inc. (software partner) to develop custom software.

The results will be more efficient registration, less chance of member information error, less time required by Executive Directors & Treasurer to administer, and improved communication with members.

This year we will get our facility in shipshape condition through the member’s online registration program. Every member that accepted to volunteer must complete a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer work before docks-out. After docks-out (Oct 17, 2015), we will bill members for the uncompleted portion at a rate of $25 per hour, up to a $200 maximum. Chris Hutny and the volunteer supervisors will be available on the morning of docks-in to answer any questions.

The weekend of May 9th & 10th has been scheduled for facility repair and improvements and to reconfigure our yard for summer dry-sail lots. Many volunteers are needed to get the clubhouse, grounds and committee boats ready for the season. Work crews will start at 9am and continue to 3 pm each day. We hope that all work will be completed over this weekend, ensuring that all of us can fully enjoy the season of sailing. Please sign up at docks-in (April 12 25) to participate on May 9th or 10th. FYI – the TMCC (multi-hull) boats will also be launched on Saturday May 9th.

To volunteer for these work events, please sign up online at Log-in to your account, select the “Volunteer” tab, type the event name in the “Job Title or Keyword” box, and click the search button (bottom right of your screen).
– For the facility repairs on May 9th type, “ohcc facility repairs & improvements”
– For reconfiguring the yard on May 10th, type “reconfigure the ohcc yard for summer storage”
You can select other tasks from the “Volunteer” tab.

The Outer Harbour Sailing Federation will offer a Water Sport Day Camp for youth aged 7 to 18 years. Teaching sailing, windsurfing and rowing, it will run weekly during July and August.

Sailing Fanatics, through a partnership with OHCC, will also provide a unique method of coaching and training at our club. Available all season, from May to September, it will provide a complete adult sailing program from beginner to a high performance sailor. This learn-to-sail program will benefit the sport, community, OHCC and the north shore clubs.

OHCC has also partnered with Ontario Sailing, Fogh Marine and Sailing Fanatics to give the public an opportunity to experience sailing a dingy sailboat. The “Try Sailing For Free” event will be held at OHCC on June 21st, 2015 from 11am to 3pm. Go to or contact Tom Winskell if you would like to helm a boat or help with this event. Over 60 people were introduced to on-water sailing last year.

Tom Winskell has been appointed the new OHCC webmaster. Matthew Burpee will work with Tom on website improvements and will be responsible for the club’s social media sites. Special thanks to JJ Hall for maintaining our website for the last few years.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Docks-In on Saturday the 11th 25th of April at 9:00 am. The Wine and Cheese/Spring General Meeting event is scheduled on April 18th 25th at 7:00 pm. All prospective new members are welcome to attend.

We have put together a great program for the year 2015 and look forward to another enjoyable sailing season on the great waters of the Outer Harbour.

The 2015 Season by the Numbers
38 Club races on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
6 OHCC-hosted Canadian Albacore Association races
4 Regattas – OHCC, Albacore Open, RS Regatta, & 505/Contender
5 OHCC weekend sailing events – Ice Breaker Race, Bell Buoy Tune-Up Race, Back To School Regatta and Bart’s Bash
2 Seminars – OHCC motorboats demo and Assistant Race Officer course
2 Thursday On-the-Water coaching sessions

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