Powerboat Use Policy

This policy establishes the rules and practices governing OHCC powerboat use. It applies to OHCC members and non-OHCC members. The purpose is to ensure that the OHCC has a system in place to manage the use of the OHCC powerboats.

At the outset it is understood the OHCC powerboats are for the purpose of supporting and promoting on water OHCC sailing activities including racing and cruising. As well, the powerboats are on hand to assist in emergencies and rescue activities as they may arise.

It is also understood that all events that appear on the annual OHCC Race and Events Schedule are exempt from the reservation process and fee structure outlined below.

A. Reservation Process (not applicable to emergency/rescue use)

1)    All requests for the use of a powerboat must be made at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the date of the intended use and must fall into an acceptable powerboat use outlined below.

2)    In order to ensure the availability of a powerboat, prior to making a request the individual making the request must first verify that no events are already booked in the OHCC Race and Events Schedule on the requested date(s). OHCC powerboats will generally not be made available on a day when an event is scheduled in the OHCC calendar. The Schedule can be found in Flotilla, online at sailohcc.ca or at the OHCC. However, it is possible that not all boats may be in use for an event and available for other use. This must be first confirmed with the Marine Property Officer.

3)    The individual will then fill out a Powerboat Use Request and Reservation Form which can be found either online at sailohcc.ca or at the OHCC.

4)    A completed form will then be submitted to the Commodore and with a copy to the Marine Property Officer. All powerboat use requests are subject to approval by the Marine Property Officer, supported by the OHCC Executive.

5)    Guidelines for:

      Acceptable Powerboat Uses

i)             Scheduled club races and cruising events

ii)            Training events (racing or cruising, safety, demonstrations, etc.)

iii)           Special occasions (sail past, bad weather, etc.)

iv)           Emergency use to render assistance to people in distress.

v)            Driving the boat(s) to a marina to refuel (this could be done at any time)

vi)           Unacceptable Uses 

Pursuits, such as personal leisure, business or goings-on not related to the general spirit of safe and effective sailing or the advancement of the OHCC and its various promotional and marine related interests.

B.   Fee

1)    For events that are not scheduled and thereby not exempt from usage fees, subject to section (2) below, a fee of $50.00 per day will be levied per powerboat for each day a powerboat is in use.

2)    Recognising that from time to time requests for unscheduled powerboat use are received from OHCC fleets, such requests will be vetted and reviewed by the Marine Property Officer. Fleet activity is understood to mean an OHCC fleet of the same design sailed by OHCC members. A minimum of five (5) boats from a fleet will be required to participate. If approved, the daily fee $50.00 fee per powerboat will be waived on that OHCC fleet’s activity. Instead, a lower rate of $35.00 per day will be assessed for the use of a powerboat in these circumstances.

3)    Non-OHCC members are required to pay $50.00 per day per powerboat.

4)    Fees for the use of OHCC powerboats may be paid by cash, cheque made out to Outer Harbour Centreboard Club or by electronic means. When paying by cash or cheque this can be done with any member of the Marine Executive Committee or the OHCC Treasurer.

 C.   Powerboat Operator’s Code of Use and Responsibility

Once a Powerboat Use Request is approved, on the day of the activity and prior to the use of the powerboat, a “circle check” / walk-around inspection of the powerboat must be completed before the powerboat is launched. Any defects or damage are to be noted and recorded.  A similar walk-around inspection must be completed on the return of powerboat and any defects or damage noted and recorded. Any damage caused by a non-OHCC scheduled event user will be charged to the individual/organisation using the boat. If damage is noted prior to launching by a subsequent user, but had not been recorded by the previous user, the cost to repair this damage will be charged back to that prior user.

1)    OHCC powerboats will only be operated by a person in possession of both a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card and Toronto Port Authority Power Vessel Operators Permit. Proof of the possession of these permits may be requested at any time. As well, if the powerboat operator intends to use a VHF radio, the operator must also be in possession of a Restricted Operators Certificate (Maritime).

2)    Each person operating a powerboat will ensure that every passenger has a government certified Personal Flotation Device.

3)    Each person operating a powerboat will ensure that the following marine items are on board; a throwable rescue line and flotation device, fire extinguisher, whistle and/or horn, anchor, oar/paddle, visual distress signal, first aid kit, and a handheld VHF radio, if the powerboat operator possesses the certificate authorizing the use a VHF radio.

4)    Individuals operating the DUXX must not use this boat for the purpose of towing, particularly a sailboat. The outer skin of the DUXX punctures easily and could be damaged by the action of a mast or part of another vessel contacting its hull.

5)    Prior to departure each person operating a powerboat will check the small boat vessel weather forecast and current radar image or the loop on the Internet to ensure that the day’s conditions are suitable for the safe operation of the powerboat and the sailboats that it will accompany.

6)    Prior to departure each person operating a powerboat will “sign out” on the status board in the OHCC clubhouse prior to departure and will “sign in” after returning to shore.

7)    All OHCC powerboats operate with marine grade fuel available for purchase only at marinas.  The OHCC has designated one OHCC member as its “refueler” for OHCC powerboats. The refueler regularly updates the fuel levels in the tanks of the powerboats. If a powerboat operator finds a tank in need of refueling, this should be reported to the Marine Property Officer immediately.

8)    Every operator of an OHCC powerboat is responsible for adhering to all legal requirements governing the operation of the boat(s), and agrees to be personally liable for any damage that is incurred during the period that the operator is responsible for the boat(s).

9)    In the case where a powerboat operator fails to follow the requirement to submit a form and obtain prior approval to operate a powerboat in a non-scheduled OHCC event, a $100.00 surcharge per boat will be assessed above the applicable usage fee set out in this policy.

OHCC Powerboat Policy, May 2013

Outer Harbour Centreboard Powerboat Use Policy PDF