Flotilla Newsletter

Flotilla was a printed and mailed newsletter. Club activities, events, and articles are now posted on our home page. Notifications of updates are sent by email via the club newsletter mailing list. Contributions such as articles are very welcome by sending them to the editor by email. Below is the Flotilla archive.

20162016 Flotilla
January 2016 Issue

July 2015 Issue
April 2015 Issue
January 2015 Issue

October 2014 Issue (PDF)
July 2014 Issue (PDF)
April Issue (PDF)
January Issue (PDF)

October 2013 Issue (PDF)
July 2013 Issue (PDF)
April 2013 Issue (PDF)
January 2013 Issue (PDF)

October 2012 Issue (PDF)
July 2012 Issue (PDF)
April 2012 Issue (PDF)
January 2012 Issue (PDF)

October 2011 Issue (PDF)
July 2011 Issue (PDF)
April 2011 Issue (PDF)
January 2011 Issue (PDF)

October 2010 Issue (PDF)
July 2010 Issue (PDF)
April 2010 Issue (PDF)
January 2010 Issue (PDF)

October 2009 Issue (PDF)
July 2009 Issue (PDF)
April 2009 Issue (PDF)
January 2009 Issue (PDF)

October 2008 Issue (PDF)
July 2008 Issue (PDF)
April 2008 Issue (PDF)
January 2008 Issue (PDF)

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