OHSF, Toronto Waterfront Plan, & Our Future

Outer Harbour Sailing Federation (OHSF)
Toronto Waterfront Plan
Our Club’s Future

Outer Harbour Sailing Federation
OHCC is an active member of The Outer Harbour Sailing Federation (OHSF) consisting of eight member clubs located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, in the Outer Harbour of Toronto. All the clubs work diligently to provide Torontonians safe access to water-sports. From humble beginnings people have pooled resources and talent to create an infrastructure of facilities and a range of sailing, surfing and rowing lessons in an idyllic basin setting. Through open doors the clubs welcome visitors, prospects and members giving them the opportunity to experience a wide range of boating, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing and rowing facilities at a fraction of the cost of membership at a conventional yacht club. The OHSF community water-sports clubs are operated as not-for-profit community clubs where costs are kept low due to a volunteer and teamwork strategy. more…

Toronto Waterfront Plan
The vision proposed for Lake Ontario Park by Waterfront Toronto was to create one of the world’s great, large urban waterfront parks by creating a system of places that have unique functions and character. Waterfront Toronto has posted this description on its website:

“Located along the Outer Harbour and extending from Cherry Beach to Ashbridges Bay and providing connections to the Eastern Beaches and Tommy Thompson Park, Lake Ontario Park will encompass 37 kilometres of shoreline. …. The vision for the park is to collect all of these sites into one coherent ensemble and provide a wide variety of experiences, amenities and uses including an urban wilderness, water sports, recreation and culture. …. The park will be a landmark not only for a newly revitalized waterfront, but for Toronto as a whole. Stretching between the Eastern Gap to the R.C. Harris Filtration Plant, Lake Ontario Park will celebrate and serve Toronto’s diverse population and will be a draw for residents and visitors alike.”

Our Club’s Future
As you drive along Regatta Road, the signs proclaim that we and our neighbouring boat clubs are part of the The Outer Harbour Sailing Federation (OHSF). The purpose of this organization are to learn what strategies may be helpful in dealing with our common landlord, the City of Toronto, concerning our respective leases and in seeking a united front to represent our common concerns over the future of our club sites and when negotiating or having discussions with representatives of the various levels of government involved in the decision processes over the future of the Outer Harbour lands that will be part of the planned new Lake Ontario Park.

At meetings concerning the waterfront plan, with strong representation from our Club, the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation has made persuasive arguments for the value and retention of its member clubs remaining much as we are on the North shore of the Outer Harbour. To date, no draconian actions are under imminent consideration or have been implemented that impact upon OHCC.

With respect to our Club, our policy is: to improve what we have and keep what has been working well – to strive to improve recreational sailing in The Outer Harbour of the City of Toronto.

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