From the Yardmaster

By Peter Benison

Spring is in the air. (Editor’s Note: Although it may not look like it from the pictures below, taken recently by Ralph Drake!). With that comes Docks In.

Spring snow on boatsSnow on club deck

What better time to review what the Club’s expectations are for boat owners?

For insect control, it is mandatory that grass be cut short around your boat and that your craft is properly covered to prevent water collecting. (West Nile Virus was identified in Toronto last summer.) Boats must be seaworthy and insured. Extra insurance might be required for those who race.

Please make a trip to the club BEFORE docks in to put on your 2015 membership stickers. There are over 150 boats in the yard. If stickers aren’t in place (and tires on your dolly not properly inflated), it will take the volunteers a lot of extra time to determine where your boat belongs and move it. Better still, why not come down and move your own boat to its proper place during yard configuration?

Masts stored in the rack must have the spreaders removed, be securely tied in and be properly identified. (Even if you’ve marked your mast previously, permanent markers wear off and fade quickly.) Those masts not in compliance will be removed and stacked behind the clubhouse. All masts need to be removed this summer anyway as there is maintenance planned for the rack.

It should be noted that the maintenance of your own area is in addition to the volunteer hours required to keep the club running at minimal cost. Note: there is an “in lieu of” fee for those not able to fulfill the required volunteer hours. We are also considering student lawn cutters, for an extra charge, if you would like to have the grass cut in your own space; let me know in advance of the season.
All the volunteers appreciate your help on these small items to keep the yard ‘shipshape’. Let’s all have a great time at the club this summer!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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