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Feb 24, 2015
The goal of our communications (including our website, newsletter and social media) is to help create stronger ties between members, facilitate club activity, promote new membership, and to share news with the community.

For 2015, our website look is being updated with a mobile friendly, news focused, and cleanly designed look. It’s using a mobile-first approach, meaning content takes center-stage, regardless of whether visitors arrive by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The new design has simple, straightforward typography which is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes. Dramatic mastheads can be added to each page or post. The previous site was not mobile friendly and the home page news slideshow difficult to manage at times. A recent update to website software also instigated cleaning up content. The new design is based on work by designer Takashi Irie with extensive testing, support, and contributions from the many passionate people that make up WordPress’ community.

Matthew Burpee, a member of the Toronto WordPress community, is working on the new site design, writing content such as web guidelines, and building a system for automatically sharing posts to our MailChimp driven newsletter and across our social networks.

Tom Winskell is the 2015 Webmaster and will coordinate, manage, and post news content. Many thanks to JJ Hall for maintaining the website content from 2011-2014.

Please subscribe to our web posts by RSS or email, the Club Mailing List & Newsletter or social media for news and events posted here.

Website Redesign Project News

Jan 22, 2016 Update
Site usage has been increasing since 2013, especially from April to October 2015. The top day was on September 9, 2015 when members came in to see the Back to School Regatta Photos.
2015 Web Stats

Our email mailing-list open rate and click rate are high at 50% and 24%. The related industry averages are 23% and 4%.

July 2015 Update: Popular Pages
Top Visited Pages, March-July 2015, according to the WP Jetpack plugin

Home Page	      2,566
Membership		952
CL 14/16		797
Flotilla Newsletter	753
Contact Us		581
Event Calendar		550
About Our Club		533
Photos & Videos		428
April 2015 Flotilla     293
International 505	279
Contender		238
Location Map		222
Member Sailboats	217
Forms for club assets	210
Albacore		179
Youth Water Sports	164
Volunteering & Responsi 161
Administration		152
Wayfarer		150
Learning Sailing	122
Club History & Future	119

Past Web Designs

A very special thanks to John Oyston for creating the first website in 2001 with later contributions from Mike Goldstein and Bill Ing. In 2010 Alan Hall, Paul Stillwell, Hugh Ranalli made recommendations to move to a new host, Dreamhost, and Matthew Burpee created a new design using WordPress as the content management system.

Visit a copy of the website in 2001

Vist the website in 2011 and 2014