Our fleet

OHCC is home to approximately 40 Albacores, with over half being active racers. Our annual regatta is held on the first Saturday in July and attracts over 30 boats. In 2011 the Internationals were hosted out of the Outer Harbour and OHCC graciously provided volunteers and the space for sail and boat measurement.

Local Activity

The Toronto fleet boasts over 100 active boats and sails mainly in the city’s Harbours and on Lake Ontario. The Toronto Friday night series attracts up to 65 boats every week for races held from early May through September. Every weekend from May to October you can find a regatta to travel to, competitively race and have some serious social fun.

About the boat

The Albacore has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a high-performance one-design boat raced across Canada. With over 8,100 boats worldwide it is clearly one of the most popular dinghies sailed today and remains popular among recreational sailors as well as racers active in hotly competitive fleets. Loaded with features, the new and improved Albacore continues to embody quality workmanship and boasts a loyal and active fleet with strong class association support. Changes made to the design over the past 50 years have broadened its accessibility, making it more affordable and easier to manoeuvre, while keeping it a thrill to sail.

Canadian Albacore Association

Albacore on Wikipedia

Jefferson Hall – January, 2013