From the Yardmaster, Peter Benison

I would like to thank all the volunteers that helped with Winter Yard Configuration at Docks Out. Everything went very smoothly.

With almost half our property turned over to the Multihulls for winter storage, this is a big task – almost an acre has to be cleared. When the boats are all moved, we are then left with almost an acre debris field. Leftover items included sawhorses, concrete blocks, logs, rubber tires, milk crates and dock boxes. Without being labeled, the chances of these items following your boat to winter storage are nil. A number of these items were placed behind the marine maintenance shed at the waterfront. Dock boxes could be scattered anywhere on the property – you’ll have to do a search in the spring.

Most of the “flower pot” boats have been removed from the property, but I ask all the members to bring to my attention any items around the yard that you think might need attention.
Have a great winter. See you in the Spring.

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Published by

Peter Benison

OHCC Member. 2015 Yardmaster